This is all stuff I did in high school — I haven’t done so much visual art since coming to college (not that I’ve been slacking on my humanities, mind). I think most of this stuff is still decent, though.

I’m something of an art geek — I do pretty much anything that
catches my fancy, though lately it has been a lot of acrylic
painting. This is a sampling, organized by age.

  • City Under Water, acrylic on canvas
  • Let It Snow, pencil line drawing.
    Can you tell that the college admissions process is starting to get
    to me?
  • Hawaiian Sunset, CG’d line drawing
    for last year’s prom.
  • geek, acrylic paint on window-screen.
  • Waves, acrylic paint on tagboard (large).
  • My French horn, watercolor pencils (large).
  • A half-pencil portrait of Paul Dirac, the man
    who discovered anti-matter.