…bzzzzzzt… That sizzling you hear is the sound of cells dying from caffeine overdose. Methinks the two and a half cups of coffee was a bad idea… I am wired — I feel like I'm plugged into an electrical socket or something.

So I tried out The Coffee Fools' "CopHee," a roasted-to-order supposedly low-acid coffee. Their whole thesis is that freshly-roasted coffee beats the year old Folgers tins all to heck, and I have to say that it was a darn fine cup of coffee. It wasn't as big a difference from Folgers as I thought it would be, but it was still pretty good. Part of the problem is that I don't have a grinder, so I asked a local coffee-shop owner to grind it for me. She ground all of the half pound or so of coffee beans, however, and according to the Coffee Fools, something is lost after an hour or two. I wouldn't mind a coffee grinder for Christmas. 🙂 It is low on the acid, however, which is a very nice change of pace. I actually made a doubly-strong batch, and it still wasn't bad.

According to the site, their Arabica beans are lower in caffeine than the Folgers Robusta beans, and I can verify that too. The problem is that I was pretty well caffeine-free for a couple of months for All-State Vocal (grr…) — I didn't notice the rush I normally get from coffee or Mountain Dew, and so I figured I could have a couple of cups. Gotta finish off the pot, I mean. Then the caffeine hit me. Hard. It's slow-acting or something. So I'm wired now. Hey, at least I got my calculus homework done in record time. If you're into coffee, check out the Coffee Fool site — their prices are quite reasonable, and the product is pretty good.

Did some more work on the mancala project today in lieu of homework… sigh. I am proud to say that my first attempt to use function pointers worked as written and needed no debugging. Basically I cleaned up the makefiles a little bit so they're more extensible, and I added a function that sets up the ai functions — I was duplicating a lot of the code, so it made more sense to stick it in its own file and pass it the ai function in question. It should have made its merry way to the Web-based CVS repository by now. (checks.) Yup. ai-init.c revision 1.2. Coming along nicely, it is… (contented sigh)

Coming down off the caffeine now. I'm not crashing, at least, like I normally do. I've still got a current event to do for government class. Shouldn't take long, and then off to bed. Good timing, I guess.