Follow-up to my Vietnam post:

See this year-by-year breakdown of Vietnam war casualties from the National Archive.

See this month-by-month breakdown of Iraq casualties.

As of 1964, eight (!) years after President Eisenhover first sent "military advisors" to Vietnam, there were 401 total American casualties (add the numbers up). In 1965, we added an additional 1,863 casualties, an incredible jump (1964 saw 206 casualties). As of today, a little more than one year after the beginning of combat in Iraq, there are 654 total US casualties.

What this means is, some time in early 1965, the US reached the point it is at today in Iraq, casualty-wise. In Vietnam, it took eight years and 54,751 American lives before the US pulled out of Saigon. Where will Iraq be in eight years — 2012? How many lives are we going to lose this time? Will one of them be mine?

Tell me again why Iraq isn't like Vietnam?