Whoa… It's been more than a month since I last posted. A lot has happened in between.

Carousel went quite well — I was the Starkeeper/Dr. Seldon. I've got some pictures up… This one (random.jpg [local, ~15kb]) is just some random guys in the production (L-R: myself; Trent, a sailor; Travis, a son of Mr. Snow; Ben, the Captain of the Nancy B.; Brett, Enoch Snow, Jr.; and Mark, Mr. Bascombe). three.jpg is Adam, Billy Bigelow; Drew, the Heavenly Friend; and myself. This (closeup.jpg) is, predictably, a closeup of me… you can see what we did to my hair. Also,
…and the last one (add.jpg [~20kb]) doesn't show me, but it's kind of funny. Left to right, it's Eddie, Mr. Enoch Snow (holding the stool); Alli, Julie Bigelow nee Jordan; Dani, Carrie; and Drew, the Heavenly Friend. (It's not that I'm egotistic with all these pictures of myself — that's just all my mom was able to get!) All in all, a fun time!

Merry Christmas!