Okay, a few more links (okay, an orgy) because our main system is down and I have no other way to bookmark things… (and because these are cool!)

Riddles — (no, not Tom) a bunch of job-interview riddles

More links when I can find them in that morass which is Slashdot… Oh, and by the way, depending on what happens in my life this next month or so, this page may end up moving, so on the off chance anyone is actually reading this regularily, I'll try and post a redirect notice as soon as I know what's going on. Here we are:

Mancala in C — which is to say, my implementation of the great African game mancala for Linux. Console-only at present, but a GUI and a Windows port are in the works. All the actual mancala code (game and AI) compiles in VC++ on Windows, the interface code is the only hangup. ANSI C rox0rz!!!

Subversion — Yet Another Version Control System. I'm think I'm gonna take a look — I've only spent a very short time with CVS and already I'm cursing at it! šŸ™

SCONS — a replacement of the GNU make utility.

J. Lassen's Portfolio — a friend of mine's art portfolio.

Aaaah, it's good to be back! šŸ™‚