So, yeah, not much has happened in this space recently. I apologize to those who would really like to read it regularily (hi grandma!). Most of the problem is that, since we got DSL, I'm using Linux almost exclusively for my Web browsing. Mozilla doesn't support Blogger. Yet. If ever. Gah. Thank you ever so much, Microsoft, for making Internet Explorer the "this site best viewed with…" browser to end all "this site best viewed with…" browsers.

Anyhow, I'm posting this from Dordt College's library because I have a little time before I play pep band at the high school's basketball game and I'm bored. I'm also going to school here part-time — taking English 101, plus the rest of my HS courses — so I have student privleges on the computers here. I've got four college-level courses, counting the Dordt class, so I'm keeping busy, plus my extra-curriculars.

MegaTokyo, online manga
Errant Story, online fantasy comic
FreeBSD, my new Web server (when I get around to setting it up) and a use for Grandpa's Alpha!