Ah, nothing like a seven-page history paper due the day after tomorrow to make you want to do something like, oh, say… update your blog? Got a college application mailed yesterday, received two more. At this point, I'm quite sick of the whole process — I know it works, but it adds the workload of another college class to my schedule. And I've already got three. Sigh… at least Calc is going better now. (Can you say weed-out class?) Looking at classes for next semester; for sure going to take multivariable calc, otherwise we'll see how the HS schedule shakes out.

Linked this page on my freeshell space in case the admissions offices are interested. Going to hold off linking from my SF.net page until I can get a permanent site up. Gotta do some more graphics, for starters, and update the links at left, and… anyhow.

Back to the salt mines, I guess. Western Civ tonight — "I'll take 'God Through the Centuries' for $500, Alex."