[sigh] YAAAAH! [sigh] YAAAAH! [sigh] …

'Twas an interesting but aggravating day. I spent four hours in my car, a couple hours stocking children's shoes and looking bored, two hours picking out Christmas gifts, and a good six at work.. I need to detox.

I'll spare you the story of my sister's and my misadventures in navigating Sioux City. Suffice to say that I am a country driver, and it shows. Kind of unusual to see an SUV yielding to a tiny Ford Escort, but welcome nonetheless. Thanks to all the Sioux City drivers who could have killed me or flicked me off, and didn't.

Finished all my Christmas shopping, and actually started planning for upcoming birthdays. Some members of the family are harder to shop for than others, and I need all the head start I can get.

Hmm… definitely time for bed. My eyelids are drooooooopy. [sign off]