Two radically different sets of links:

I found today's Penny Arcade strip funny, just because. Actually, I found it blindingly hilarious.

The Reader's Bill of Rights, because I've wondered the same thing, and often remarked that the literature classes seem designed to make people HATE reading, which is sad. It gives lie to the cult of "A Novel." I'm printing it out and hanging it somewhere prominent. (The essay which linked it.) I love books, but (by in large) I hate Literature. Maybe that's why I'm a SF-fantasy guy.

Two different solutions to UNIX-on-Windows, and therefore mancala on Windows: MinGW and UnixUtils, not counting Microsoft's latest, the confusingly-named Services For UNIX. Slashdot is abuzz.

Hmm… that's a nice mix of totally incompatible things, if I may be so bold.