You may have noticed some changes on this blog. In fact, it would be very hard not to notice those changes. For one thing, there's a big new box on the left displaying a bunch of song titles — more specifically, it's grabbing my AudioScrobbler feed, which (in theory) displays the last 10 songs I've played on my computer. The AudioScrobbler site has been up and down a lot lately, the plugin is still a little funky, and my music isn't very well-tagged, so you may not be seeing the absolute latest things I'm listening to, but it's cool enough. Hacking the script, which I borrowed from someone else, was fun, since I got my first exposure to PHP. People complain about it, but it looks decent enough to me. I kind of collect scripting languages. 🙂

The other big change is the color scheme of this page. I've been meaning to personalize the template ever since I started this blog, but never really got around to it. Since it's now part of a larger site, I have some incentive to make it my own, and the blue-khaki-orange stuff was getting on my nerves. Hopefully, I can persuade my art teacher that web page design is really something I should be spending independent-study time on. At the very least I need some decent graphics — I've been using this site as a kind of portfolio, a means of displaying my work to college reps and other interested parties, and that seems the best purpose for it. Vanity is boring. It just needs some more material and better organization; hopefully today's work will provide a good framework for that.

Speech contest tomorrow — King Richard III needs his sleep. 🙂