Quick post. I've got to be up at 5am. tomorrow morning. Grr…

You ever have it happen where you're doing something, got a goal in mind, and suddenly you notice that one of the intermediate steps is pretty interesting on its own? I was CG'ing a MegaTokyo strip just for the heck of it, or maybe for my independent art class (actually a DPD, but you get the picture), when lo and behold, I saw these:

Shadowed Junpei holding Origami Crane Shadowed Junpei holding Origami Crane with Children

and thought that they were pretty cool. Here's the original drawing — I'll post my finished, colored version when I get it done.

[edit 2-7-04: posted the second version with the shadows of the kids, but didn't feel like making it a whole new post. i still think these are just really cool. :)]