we don’t blog

It was ironic to read, a couple hours before the first Iron Blogger meet-up at the Cambridge Brewing Company that we don't blog ("we" meaning people under the age of thirty, which is to say most of the people doing Iron Blogger).

According to a just-released Pew Internet study, as summarized in the above RoughType post, "In 2006, 28% of teens were blogging. Now, just three years later, the percentage has tumbled to 14%. Among twentysomethings, the percentage who write blogs has fallen from 24% to 15%. Writing comments on blogs is also down sharply among the young. It's only geezers – those over 30 – who are doing more blogging than they used to."

Apparently we're all weirdos, or something. But I think we knew that already. Free beer with other weirdos never tasted so good. πŸ™‚