for always roaming with a hungry heart

You may have noticed that things look a little different around here! That's because I've switched to new blogging software, which is actually now powering the whole site — ikiwiki. I've done my best to ensure that people reading this via feed aggregators will not notice any interruption in service, nor should external links stop working. Please let me know if either of these things is not true. The unholy mixture of tables and CSS which is responsible for this site's appearance will hopefully not break on anyone's browser, but I haven't exactly tested it exhaustively, so please also let me know if it does.

This will hopefully make the site easier for me to maintain going forward. (No more ghastly PHP mess! No more trying to keep page templates in sync! No more Blogger warning me they're turning off my service in a month!) The old code dates to my senior year in high school, back in the dark days of 2004, so this redesign is really long overdue.

At the very least it will let me procrastinate porting the site to modern HTML and CSS a little longer. ;>

Tables forever!

Edit: Forgot to mention that I used Bradley Wright's blogger-export Python class in my own script to get the bulk of my data out of Blogger's custom XML export format, plus a bit of elbow grease for the comments and things. It saved me a good bit of trouble.

4 thoughts on “for always roaming with a hungry heart”

  1. Yeah, it got pretty compelling after I drafted my last post in vim and then went to import it into Blogger. “Wait a sec, I have tools for this!” 🙂

  2. This looks terribly appealing, but Brian just told me that there’s no post/edit functionality from the web, which makes those of us living behind nasty firewalls that eats our ssh packetses sad. It looks like a great tool, though, for those of you who have access to real computers all the time!

  3. Hunh? There’s totally posting and editing via web capability — it works the same way commenting does. (ikiwiki is just Gitit in Perl, basically. 🙂

    I’ve just locked editing down to only myself (though multiple editors are totally supported), and I’ve gone to some lengths to hide the capability from the casual observer on my site.

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