hugo nominations for 2009

Here's what I'm nominating for the Hugos, in all the categories where I feel like I've read or watched enough to be even vaguely useful. (Which is surprisingly few, really, but I spent five months of the year chained to MIT.)

Best novel:

  1. Palimpsest, by Catherynne M. Valente, Bantam

Best novella:

  1. Pelago, by Judith Berman, Asimov's February 2009

Best novelette:

  1. "The Qualia Engine", by Damien Broderick, Asimov's August 2009

Best short story:

  1. "Sleepless in the House of Ye", by Ian McHugh, Asimov's July 2009
  2. "As Women Fight", by Sarah Genge, Asimov's December 2009
  3. "Mr. Penumbra's Twenty-Four Hour Book Store", by Robin Sloan,
  4. "Bridesicle", by Will McIntosh, Asimov's January 2009
  5. "The Horrid Glory of Its Wings", by Elizabeth Bear,

Best dramatic presentation, short form:

  1. "Belonging", Dollhouse season 2 episode 4
  2. "Man on the Street", Dollhouse season 1 episode 6

…and that's all I've got. So many good candidates for best short story — far more than I can actually list — and so few for anything else, and so many categories left completely empty! But no time to fix that now. Maybe next year.