snow advisory

If you've e-mailed me in the past couple weeks and not gotten a response, I apologize — I'm rather snowed under with e-mail right now. I haven't forgotten about you, promise. I'm not yet at e-mail bankrupcy level, thankfully. I think a lot of it will be solved by unsubscribing from or filtering a bunch of mailing lists I'm on; there's some serious triage that needs to happen in that area. But if you haven't heard back, that's why.

I manage my personal e-mail via Sup, more or less a console-based clone of GMail, which does a pretty good job of letting me wade through a couple hundred messages a day, though obviously it (and I!) have limits. What do you use?

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  1. Email-handling

    My email needs, such as they are, were long handled by mutt + offlineimap (sometimes with dovecot as an intermediate decoupling layer). It worked well, but I found a single-threaded interface annoying (I want to be able to see some mail while replying to others). For the last year or so I used claws-mail and found it pleasant (but not console-based). I’m now playing around with wanderlust (+ offlineimap) which is lovely except for its documentation and peculiar naming conventions (it was written by the Japanese). Fast (amazingly so, for something written in elisp; very aggressive caching I hear), powerful, but finicky to set up.

    Anyway. Good luck digging yourself out of the snowbanks.

    — IDL

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