2010 in links

Apparently I got bored, because I put together the 2010-in-bookmarks post after all.

Turns out I bookmarked 734 things this year. Once I weeded out all the vim tips and Firefox plugins, I was surprised to discover that the single largest category of link was posts which I loosely group as being about thinking-about-thinking. Apparently cognitive biases and where they come from were a lot on my mind this year, for some reason. The next biggest category, less surprisingly, was links about writing and media (the Internet loves nothing more than talking about itself). I also present several reviews I consulted in preparing my review of The Magicians, by Lev Grossman, which book was apparently a bit of a thorn in my psyche. After that we're well into the weeds, category-wise, but that's frankly where a lot of the interesting stuff is, so here you go.


Thinking about Thinking


Cloud computing

Writing, media, publishing

The Magicians, by Lev Grossman

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  1. Inspiring List

    I was amused to note the not insubstantial overlap in our online reading habits. I also loved Gospodin Libar, and would be curious to find out more about its creator.

    Your cognitive bias and Lev Grossman links put me in mind of C. S. Lewis’ “The Inner Ring”, which I seem to reread every few years. I recommend it for you: it’s concise, well-written, and says something profound and important about the low-level mechanics of evil and their pertinence to job-hunting.

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