new job, or, this is not an april fool’s joke

As astute observers of my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles or the front page of this very site may have noticed, I have a new job!

As of this past Tuesday, I'm working for E la Carte, Inc. as a Systems Engineer. (E la Carte is based out of Palo Alto, but I'll be working remotely from Boston much of the time and traveling as needed to deploy customers.) It's still a bit nebulous what "Systems Engineer" means — then again, I'm the sixth employee and we're just launching our first customers, so it's still a bit nebulous what the company means. Our goal is to put a tabletop ordering device on every restaurant table in America, which feels appropriately concrete and ballsy, however.

It's an exciting company and an exciting time to be working for it, so I'm really looking forward to the coming months and (hopefully) years!