“Approachable Threat Modeling” in Increment

I can’t believe I haven’t posted about this until now! Straight-up slipped my mind.

I have an article published in Increment, Stripe’s software engineering magazine. The latest issue is themed around Security, and in it I talk about threat modeling, particularly in a software-as-a-service context.  It’s based a lot on the work at Akamai that I talk about here from time to time.

From the article:

Threat modeling is one of the most important parts of the everyday practice of security, at companies large and small. It’s also one of the most commonly misunderstood. Whole books have been written about threat modeling, and there are many different methodologies for doing it, but I’ve seen few of them used in practice. They are usually slow, time-consuming, and require a lot of expertise.

This complexity obscures a simple truth: Threat modeling is just the process of answering a few straightforward questions about any system you’re trying to build or extend.

To read more, go check it out on the Increment site!

(Oddly enough, this is my first paid professional long-form writing ever. It was extremely good to work with Sid Orlando and team at Increment—I had the best first-time author experience I could possibly have hoped for. If you have stuff to write about which is related to their upcoming topics, I can’t recommend pitching them enough.)