A quick fun thing: Ever wanted to run a nuclear power plant?

Over the last couple weeks, and partly in honor of the late Dan Kaminsky, who as far as I knew never met a weird machine he didn’t like, I’ve finished debugging my Inform 7 text-adventure port of Stephen R. Berggren’s 1980 “Apple Nuclear Power Plant” simulation and released it into a form you can play online! (Or offline, if you have a Glulxe interpreter, e.g. Gargoyle.)

(You can also play Berggren’s original Applesoft BASIC version online via Joshua Bell’s Applesoft BASIC in Javascript project—go to that link and select “Nuclear Power Plant” under “Other” in the “Select a sample…” dropdown. But the text adventure port has advances like modern fonts and improved graphics which will make it a friendlier experience for a lot of people I suspect.)

Edit 2021-05-10: Here’s a screenshot.

A screenshot of the game. It reads: "> sit down; You sit down in the heavy padded chair.  The screen reads:" and then the default screen output at the very beginning of the game showing the resting state of the nuclear power plant.